Benefits of Buying from Datek

We’ve already mentioned our great prices, expert knowledge and approved suppliers. But you get much more than that from Datek when you buy new IT equipment. As IT hardware resellers, we don’t just sell a piece of equipment, deliver it and stand back. 

We want you to take advantage of:

  • Next day delivery from physical stock in our warehouse
  • Same-day delivery where possible
  • Dedicated Account Managers who possess a wealth of industry knowledge
  • Simple Account Application
  • Credit Terms usually in place the same working day
  • Free of charge PC & Server builds
  • Efficient stock sourcing

Because we have great established relationships with our suppliers, we can purchase at fantastic prices, which help businesses manage overheads and ensure that project costs don’t spiral out of control. If you need equipment in a hurry, we’ve been known to turn things around in one hour so that you won’t have unnecessary downtime.

Many customers aren’t in a position to buy. We can put you in touch with some established and assured leasing partners that can help.