Cloud Computing and IT Strategy

Business and technology executives are including cloud computing in their long-term IT strategy. No surprise as cloud’s emergence as a catalyst for innovation, flexibility, agility and scalability of organisations across all industries. 

Cloud computing, often referred to as just “the cloud,” is the delivery of dynamically scalable, convenient and on-demand access to a variety of internet-powered services – everything from applications to data centres – as a service over the Internet (public cloud) or intranet (private cloud) on a flexible pay-for-use basis. However, the most commonly used type is Software as a Service (SaaS).

Why Cloud Computing Should be a Part of Your Business Strategy

We believe cloud computing services is one of the top value-producing digital technologies. Unlike traditional sourced IT services, cloud-based systems are easy to deploy, require little resource involvement, virtually no capital investment or significant support structure to integrate. Even businesses that have embraced the cloud can gain more value from further adoption and integration into their organisation’s business strategy. 

One note of caution: some engagement models require a higher cost per user and security, privacy and other risks which need to be considered when making investments. Hiring an IT expert will prevent your business from making any risky or unnecessary investments that may not provide a return of investment. 

Using Cloud to Gain a Strategic Advantage

Using cloud computing to gain a competitive advantage means always remembering that cloud is more than just a software delivery platform - it’s an entirely new business model. However, don’t let this deter you. Datek is here to help find the perfect IT solution to support your business. We help you define cloud for your organisation and develop your cloud computing IT strategy. Some of the benefits our clients have seen from adopting cloud computing are:

  • Enabling new and flexible operating models and client relationships
  • Help to improve the agility and reactiveness of business
  • Enable more rapid delivery of product and service innovation

Discover more benefits of cloud computing here.

Cloud Computing Services with Datek Solutions

Using our well-established engagement approach in tandem with our robust technical knowledge, we can provide you with all the detailed information you need to help make the best decisions about the ideal roadmap for your business to migrate to the cloud.

We don’t recommend technology for the sake of having something new and shiny. If what you have is already working for you, or you only need slight modifications, then we work with it. If we feel that your business could benefit from any part of our cloud computing services, we’ll lay out the options so you can decide what’s best for your IT strategy. Contact our IT experts today!

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