Are Your Haunted by Poor IT Support Providers?

An IT support provider should have a clear and systematic approach to improve your business from quarter to quarter, along with a reliable team of IT experts at your disposal.


      1.     Expiration dates creeping up on you

Never worry about expired software licensing again; this can be anything from lapsed server warranty, firewall warranty, or software contracts that have expired. We take care of all your renewals leaving you freed from those looming dates. 


     2.     You’ve experienced frightening customer service

Don’t suffer from these frustrating scenarios. If your IT service provider isn’t returning your calls, keeping you updated with projects, or you have to chase them to fix issues, it’s time to switch IT providers. If something goes wrong or you just need some help, our friendly and experienced team are on hand. We don’t hire staff to just answer the phone, log your ticket and tell you someone will phone you back, we work with you every step of the way. Every member of our staff is an IT engineer who will do whatever they can to resolve your problem on the initial call.

     3.    Your IT support provider lacks knowledge about new technologies

If you’re interested in implementing new technologies and software solutions but your existing IT company doesn’t seem able to answer any of your questions, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call Datek. Our highly trained IT engineers and dedicated account managers can answer ANY IT related questions you have. They are supported by our team of professional IT consultants and IT project managers who are available to offer any additional, advanced advice for more complex IT projects and requirements.


     4.   You fear data disasters

Preparation is key to success. Preparing yourself with disaster recovery is the best way to protect your data. Your business needs to go beyond a routine data backup plan and implement a robust disaster recovery plan. Datek Solutions’ managed service providers create a detailed and bespoke disaster recovery plan tailored to your business. Data recovery plans protect against man-made or natural disasters, limiting downtime to your business – not so scary anymore.


Your IT support doesn’t need to be your horror story. Get in the touch with our expert IT consultants to learn more about our seamless IT management today.