Microsoft Teams has two new presenter modes slated for release in July

Microsoft Teams has two new presenter modes slated for release in July

Get ready to do some presenting.

Anew day, a new batch of Microsoft Teams news to report on. Today's scoop is that Microsoft Teams is introducing two new presenter modes to desktop and window sharing. They will be side-by-side and reporter mode.

Here's the Microsoft 365 roadmap's description for the new modes: "Two new presenter modes are now coming available. Reporter places content as a visual aid above your shoulder like a news story. Side-by-side displays your video feed next to your content. You can now select a mode that fits your needs and promotes a more engaging presentation and consumption experience."

As can be seen on the roadmap, the features are set to arrive in July 2021, though all release dates are subject to change. Should July roll around and no new presenter modes are anywhere to be found, check the roadmap for an update from Microsoft.

That's not all that's coming from Microsoft in terms of features and upgrades. It recently rolled out webinars for Teams on iOS, is expecting to have end-to-end call encryption soon, and is even working on allowing you to delete private chats. The future of Teams has never been so active.


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