Using an MSP for the first time

It is no surprise that in a study of business owners across the UK “more than 8 in 10 (83%) have experienced stress” ¹ related to work. Running your own business or managing one can have a serious effect on your physical and mental health, even more so than normal over the last 12 months or so with the continued presence of Covid-19.

A notable difference between a manager/ owner of a small business as opposed to a large one is the opportunity for delegation being much lower in a small business. Small business owners often do not have a marketing team or a customer service department, for example. They have to ensure the simultaneous smooth running of vital work functions themselves.

The high proportion of stressed business owners is partially due to them needing to take the ‘weight of the world’ on their shoulders alone. Delegation is sometimes not an option due to not having staff that are capable, or perhaps not having scope to spread your resources that far.

A way to alleviate the stress that you are putting yourself under on a daily basis is by using the correct technological tools available. The right tech can be the main driver to a successful business in the modern workplace.

We place so much faith in technology in our home and social lives, and some are only just seeing the benefits that the correct tech can have in any and every workplace.

Most businesses have embraced some sort of tech in the workplace - it is harder to avoid it than to implement it in the modern world – but that does not necessarily mean you are using it correctly or have implemented the correct tech for your business.

Let us take a brief look at where the right tech can make a difference to the way your workplace runs and can assist in increasing productivity.


  1. Automate time tracking
  • Take note of the word automate - you are going to be hearing it again by time tracking you are significantly diminishing the possibility for your employees to steal valuable work time, in turn saving potentially thousands of pounds a year and countless hours.
  1. Keep Information Secure
  • Keeping information secure is of the utmost importance - a data breach can cost your business money and time and can have a derogatory effect on productivity amongst staff. Luckily, security is taking more of a front seat since the beginning of the pandemic. Tech allows you to create ‘locked doors’ that potential cybercriminals have to break down before having access to your business’ sensitive information. It is head and shoulders above the alternative of having all information in paper copies.
  1. Increased Collaboration
  • Technology in the workplace has opened doors to levels of communication never seen in the workplace before. You can literally connect to any one of your employees and colleagues anytime, anywhere. This level of collaboration has revolutionised the workplace forever and has only been made possible by technology.


In the remaining blog in the series, we will explore what an MSP is and how one can help you to make a smooth transition to an IT infrastructure that benefits both you and your employees in your daily work functions.


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