When businesses implement new IT solutions, they often focus on the production systems, making sure they're fast enough, reliable enough and meet the growing needs of the business. 

Backup and Disaster Recovery is often an afterthought with businesses not asking key questions about the solution being offered such as: 

  • How often is my data backed up? 
  • How long is my data kept for? 
  • How quickly can we be up and running in the event of a total or partial loss?
  • Is my data kept safe in more than one location?
  • Why do we backup only once every day? 
  • How much would it cost if we lost a day of data or potentially a week?
  • How much would it cost if it took 5 days to get everything up and running again? 

Backup should not be an after-thought, it should be part of any solution implementation and should be designed and not just something that happens by accident.  But they often overlook the importance of good Backup and DR solutions, we can provide a number of cloud based solutions to address this. 

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