Managed Colocation & Off-site Data Backup Services

Co-location is an essential safety measure...

Every business needs an IT disaster recovery plan to ensure that vital data can be quickly recovered in the event of a fire, serious power failure or other disruptive scenarios. The best way to protect against calamity is by colocating your network systems and data away from your premises and constantly backing up the data. We provide this vital, fully managed IT disaster recovery services for many clients. It includes:

  • Network monitoring and support, 24/7/365
  • Managed server monitoring
  • Managed backup monitoring
  • Behind managed enterprise-level firewall
  • Failover power
  • Data centre access
  • DNS/Link failover

...and backup should be at the heart of your plan

Data loss commonly occurs as a result of software and/or hardware failure, human error and viruses. Our data backup solutions deliver best-of-breed IT backup services to facilitate secure and affordable off-site data backup. A software installation on your system runs in the background, automatically backing up your critical data and providing:

  • Secure AES/Blowfish encryption, for bulletproof data protection
  • Continuous automatic backup of your data as it changes
  • Block-level incremental backups for speed and reduced bandwidth
  • Instant data restores, available without complex procedures
  • Document revision history enables restores from earlier versions
  • Secure web location provides data access from anywhere
  • Data retention for periods from 30 days up to seven years

Daly International - Backup Case Study

Daly International is a business who had a backup solution in place for many years which they identified was no longer suitable, as the business had changed over the years and had grown significantly.

Backups Solutions for your Business

Backups are not an exciting topic for many people and are even a secondary consideration for many businesses, but the reality is that they are a critical part of your IT infrastructure.