IT Consulting Services

Our IT consulting service helps define your business’ IT strategy. IT moves at a lightning pace and our consulting services will ensure that the right technology and the right strategy is used within your business to deliver the most effective approach to IT.

For a simple fixed fee, Datek will manage and support your IT as if we were your in-house team. We’re confident that the level of service you get from us is second-to-none, which is why there are no lengthy contracts to sign. No minimum terms, no buy-in clauses. Just great service, at great prices.

You tell us what you need, we tell you how much it will cost per month and that’s it. You don’t even have to worry about moving from your current IT service support as we will handle that for you - it won’t cost you extra. We plan and forecast every aspect of our IT support and we’ll manage it so that you don’t have to.

Our approach to IT consulting enables you to work like clockwork and for us to become an integral part of your business. If you already have an in-house team of IT specialists, we pride ourselves on our ability to complement them to create a seamless system of support.

Support Your Business Through Specialist IT Consulting Today

Hire an IT expert 

Planning for the future has to be deeply rooted in an understanding of where you are now and where you want to be. 

Working with your in-house staff, Datek can provide support and guidance, identifying a plan that is suited to you.  Our IT consultancy team can ensure you have the additional resources from a whole team of engineers. This ensures you receive varying depths of experience across a range of technologies. 

IT Consulting
IT consultancy services, IT consultant
Virtual CTO, Chief Technology Officer Services

Virtual Chief Technical Officer

Many businesses are wary of IT outsourcing and handing over the reins to an external IT company, because they need someone who understands the business and the way their IT works... but there is no need, we will take some time to understand your business and the way you work before we make any recommendations! 

VCTO Support

Defining Strategy

We will work closely with the entire business to identify current weaknesses, future plans and propose a strategy which addresses them. 

We look at: 

  • Your future goals and targets 
  • Expansion and growth forecasting
  • Financial investment plans
  • Business development needs
  • Training and support requirements
Defining IT Strategy
Defining IT Strategy
Creating Roadmaps

Creating Roadmaps

It's often easy to lose site of your goals, we will produce a roadmap detailing all of your goals and how we're going to achieve them. Each goal will have a priority and a cost so the business can decide what it wants to achieve and when with complete visibility on the costs. 

IT Roadmaps

IT Assessment

This is one of the most essential IT services we offer!

Before we know how we can help your business, we need to know where you currently are. Sitting down with you and looking at all of your systems we are able to create and provide a Service Improvement Plan (SIP) that supports the business as it grows and improves.

IT Assessment
IT Assessment
IT Spend Analysis

IT Spend Analysis

Sometimes, doing nothing can cost more in the long-term than updating to a modern solution...

We will carry out a thorough IT spend analysis to compare current spending against potential spending and predicted outcomes. This will demonstrate exactly how investing now could mean huge benefits for the future!

IT Spend Analysis

Data Backup and Recovery Services

When businesses implement new IT solutions, they often focus on the production systems, making sure they're fast enough, reliable enough and meet the growing needs of the business.

However, they often overlook the importance of good Backup and DR solutions - we can provide cloud-based based solutions to address this.

IT Backup Solutions
Data Backup and Recovery