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Changing connectivity provider can be a daunting task, but there can be huge savings performance benefits. We can find you the right connectivity and manage the change for you with no disruption. 

Connectivity is an increasingly important part of the IT infrastructure of modern businesses.  It is heavily relied upon to provide access to services such as email, Internet, cloud services and remote offices.  The days of slow connectivity are gone and businesses must have fast and reliable connectivity to operate and communicate with suppliers and customers.

Datek can provide a wide variety of different connectivity solutions, ranging from cost effective broadband and leased lines as well as fully integrated MPLS and VPLS solutions providing private connectivity between sites.

We find that businesses often have the wrong connectivity or are using it in the wrong way, before making any recommendations about any aspect of your environment we’ll gain a full understanding of how you use it and where its letting you down and then propose a way forward.  This may mean implementing new solutions but it may also mean making improvements to the way you use what you already have.

Many business now have multiple offices, so it’s important that data flowing between the offices is reliable and secure.  We can provide a number of solutions such as direct site to site connections or secure Internet based VPN solutions.

If you chose to implement a new connectivity solution, it’s important that the business doesn’t suffer any downtime.  Therefore we’ll plan every aspect of this, such as making sure email systems are updated to use your new lines, reconfiguring  branch devices so that they connect back to the new line, making sure that home workers machines are updated so they can connect when they need to work and working with your 3rd party providers to ensure that they can still connect and support software solutions they may provide to you such as line of business applications and database.