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The Impact IT Can Have on Business Productivity

By investing in technology, you can increase the overall productivity of your organisation. Our IT experts have put together the top 4 ways technology has helped our clients be more productive.

Cloud Computing and IT Strategy

Unlike traditional sourced IT services, cloud-based systems are easy to deploy, require little resource involvement, virtually no capital investment or significant support structure to integrate.

5 Top Cloud Computing Trends for 2019

What does 2019 hold for cloud computing? While it’s not always easy to predict what will happen in this dynamic and fast-moving market, there are some trends that will continue to make cloud the mo

Top Benefits of Cloud Computing

Businesses from different industries are turning to cloud services to store, manage and process data. Read our top benefits of cloud computing here.

IT Managed Service Trends to Watch

Datek keeps an eye on industry trends and new technologies so as to help our clients be proactive and operate at optimal efficiency. We have compiled a list of our top IT Managed Service trends here.

Prevent data leakage in cloud computing

Cloud data breaches are on the rise because many organisations don’t leverage best practices. Don’t let this happen to your organisation - be proactive and prevent them in the first instance!