About Datek Solutions

Having worked with various manufacturers for 19 years, our strength lies in knowing what is available to you, and the technical knowledge held within our sales department gives us the ability to know whether what is available is right for you. 

Datek Solutions is a physical stockist of many ‘run-rate’ IT hardware products, the benefits of which are shorter lead times and where possible, same-day delivery to you as a reseller or end user. Of course, none of this matters when the price doesn’t fit; competitive pricing shouldn’t be something to shout about when comparing ones prices to the dearest competitor, so Datek Solutions strive to be price completive across the board each and every day. Added benefits come from our service-led approach to everything we do, be it having the product you want, when you want it, at the price you want, and more importantly, looking at you as the foundations of our business.

At Datek Solutions, we know that you would like to purchase from someone you enjoy dealing with, so we would be only too happy to demonstrate that Datek Solutions fulfils this remit at every opportunity.