Cloud Computing Services

Datek can provide your business with expert knowledge and cloud-based IT solutions. We can advise on the correct solution and approach to meet your business' requirements, ensuring that your IT infrastructure support is aligned with the needs of the business. 

Today, most enterprises need a hybrid infrastructure strategy to align their IT infrastructure with the overall strategy and goal of the business. Our expert team of cloud computing consulting experts can help you build the right cloud solution for your organisation. We will work with you to define your strategy, transform existing IT infrastructure, applications and processes, as well as provide ongoing support for the lifecycle of your cloud investment.

What makes Datek different is our approach. We know there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to IT infrastructure and cloud computing. We work with you, to get to know your business and its goals and needs, in order to provide you with a cost-effective, efficient and effective cloud computing strategy that will work with your organisation now and in the future. 

Let Our IT Experts Help You Find The Best Cloud Computing Solution
Why migrate to office 365?

Office 365 Migration

If you want to migrate your business to Office 365, you can expect to receive a full assessment prior to any recommendation. This helps to ensure that your business is ready for the cloud, before any migration occurs.

One common query is how their 3rd party application will integrate. We will work with your software providers to check compatibility as well as liaise with them through the project to ensure they continue working.

Not only is Office 365 hosted online, bringing a range of benefits that come with working in the cloud, but it works impeccably with the existing programs you are already familiar with.

Why Office 365 Migration?

Disaster Recovery and Backup Services

When businesses implement new IT solutions, they often focus on the production systems, making sure they're fast enough, reliable enough and meet the growing needs of the business.

However, they often overlook the importance of good Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions - we can provide a number of IT backup service solutions to address this.

IT Disaster Recovery & Backups
IT Back-up

Microsoft Azure 

Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), can be a big step for many businesses. Taking the step to remove servers from your offices and moving them to the cloud may sound like a daunting task to some, but we can make this process seamless.

Learn more about Azure
Microsoft Azure
Co- Location


If you still want to own your own hardware but you don’t want it to be in your office, then co-location is a great way of achieving this.  We can help you co-locate your hardware into state of the art data centres, you wont need to worry about power, cooling, connectivity or fire again.

Co-location is also a great way to provide resilience to your on premise infrastructure, giving you a Disaster Recovery environment ready to go if something happens to your on premise production servers.

Hardware Co-Location