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Defining IT Strategy

We’ll make sure that we understand your business and how the current IT solutions are used to define IT strategy that is unique to you. If there’s an in-house IT Manager or even an IT team, we will work closely with the entire business to identify current weaknesses, future plans and propose an IT strategy which addresses them. 

Our approach to IT strategy looks at everything. From security to the total cost of ownership, processes to requirements – it’s all about making it work and providing you with a holistic view of your IT so that you can make informed decisions.

Many of our clients work with complex software and specialist equipment, so part of our strategy will be to manage these carefully. We aren’t just looking at the impact on equipment and software but the impact on the business.

Defining your strategy will take many hours of time spent understanding your business, how it works, what its needs are and why you need our help. The basis of the business’ strategy will then be formed around this.

How We Approach Your IT Strategy:

  • Your future goals and targets
  • Expansion and growth forecasting
  • Financial investment plans
  • Business development needs
  • Training and support requirements

The strategy will provide you with a clear framework around which we can easily explain how our services will support and improve the business. Define IT strategy with Datek! 

 IT Strategy