The Impact IT Can Have on Business Productivity

Employers everywhere are looking at different ways for their employees to be more productive so their company can grow and thrive. Implementing the right technology solutions in your organisation can bring many benefits to both employer and employee.

By investing in technology, you can increase the overall productivity of your organisation. Our IT experts have put together the top 4 ways technology has helped our clients grow and be more productive.


1. Remote Working Ability

Today’s modern workforce is flexible and mobile, and with increasing internet speed and innovations in cloud computing, mobile employees can do what they need to do without being chained to a desk. Research has shown that happier employees are more productive and making the move away from 9 to 5 is one of the best productivity boosters a business can make. Experts project that 50% of the entire workforce will be working remotely by 2020.

2. Efficient Collaboration

One of the most common pieces of feedback from our clients is the increased collaboration across their entire organisation. For small to medium businesses, technology such as cloud computing has made it possible to share information seamlessly, working on projects simultaneously and transforming the way work gets done.

Tools such as Skype for Business, SharePoint Online and OneNote all allow employees to collaborate, share notes and documents, have online conference calls, video messaging and more. Regardless of where they are in the world, documents can be signed on the go and proposals approved via a mobile device!

3. More Disaster Resistance 

Too often we see organisations wait until it’s too late to implement a safe and reliable backup and disaster recovery plan. Don’t wait until disaster strikes! Losing critical data to a fire or another disaster at your business premises can be devastating and can cause considerable downtime. Instead, reduce any loss of productivity and get your business up and running as fast as possible with the right backup and recovery plan. We have moved on from backing up your computer on a disk daily. Our data backup solutions deliver best-of-breed IT backup services to facilitate a secure and affordable data backup and recovery plan. 

4. Making Project Management Seamless

Having the right technology and management tools in place will help to organise tasks and projects in an easier way. Reduce unnecessary steps and improve productivity by sharing folders, projects and notes online. Online productivity tracking and collaboration tools have made it so much easier to keep track of goal progress, project management and time tracking. Team members will know who is working on what, when the deadlines are and any bottlenecks. This way there are no more surprises at the end of a project!


Improve Employee Productivity with Datek...

Productivity affects almost all aspects of a business including, employee and customer retention, corporate culture, and revenue. By implementing the right strategic technology, we can help positively affect your company, supporting growth and improving profitability. 

If your organisation is in need of IT strategy and consulting support to find the right tools and technology to implement, get in contact with the experts at Datek. Our approach means we get to know your business first, communicating in a clear and honest way, to help align your overall business goals with a robust and affordable IT strategy.

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