IT Managed Service Trends

IT Managed Service describes a strategic approach to designing, delivering, managing and improving the way IT is used within an organisation. The goal of any IT Managed Service roadmap is to ensure that the right processes, people and technology are in place so that the organisation can grow and exceed its business goals.

Datek is constantly keeping an eye on industry trends and new technologies so as to help our clients be proactive and operate at optimal efficiency. We have compiled a list of our top trends to keep an eye on and what they mean for your organisation.


1.  Continued migration to the cloud

We hear the buzzword ‘cloud migration’ everywhere these days, particularly when we are discussing businesses looking to expand. The increasing need to be more flexible and adaptable while improving IT security is pushing many organisations to cloud computing. Cloud migration is not going away anytime soon, as it makes sense from a financial and productivity perspective for many organisations. For example, it decreases the hardware and personnel costs associated with in-house hosting and servers, as well as allowing employees to communicate and access files remotely.

What does this mean for your organisation? Cloud computing creates a de-emphasis on back-end system maintenance as these responsibilities shift to the company hosting your systems and data. As a result of cloud computing, there can be a major shift towards an increase in data security and security support services

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2. Ever increasing focus on cyber security

Security is persistently a top IT concern for many organisations. Remember the Tesco Bank hack in 2016? The outcome forced Tesco to reimburse a staggering £2.5 million to over 9,000 customers. The hackers found a weakness in the mobile banking app that gave them entry to the rest of Tesco’s financial services. The retailer was forced to suspend online and contactless transactions, affecting almost all of its customers. Your organisation shouldn’t be the size of Tesco before you implement a structured and defined IT strategy.

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What does this mean for your organisation? Many of the personal data losses are traced back to poor security practices across many organisations. Creating policies and enabling services that protect your organisation is vital to data security. Focus efforts on proper training for staff, not just dedicated IT staff, but across the organisation. Furthermore, strengthen your data loss prevention strategy with the security features offered by Office 365 such as Data Loss Prevention and Advanced Threat Protection. Helping to prevent intentional and unintentional data loss.


 3. Growing IT budgets

Findings in Spiceworks 2018 ‘State of IT’ report show a positive outlook as 44% of companies in North America and Europe expect IT budgets to increase. As the more positive economic trends continue upwards, so do revenues. Smart organisations are reinvesting that revenue into new tech areas including hardware, cloud-based services and IT staffing.

What does this mean for your organisation? More IT support from the top-down as an increasing amount of CEOs/CFOs are aware of the need for IT spending. Datek can help you put together a solid IT budget after providing an IT Discovery Report. Much like an MOT, our RAG (Red, Amber, Green) reporting system offers a simple, but a highly effective solution to assess your business’s IT systems and environment – before we advise on the right strategy and where investment should be made.

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How Datek can help your organisation…

Datek understands success comes from not only understanding the importance of providing solutions for businesses to meet their current needs but also by providing strategies to help our clients adapt to growth in the future.

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