Explore the Benefits SharePoint can have on your business today!

As we explored in the previous article, technology in the modern age has evolved to levels at which we couldn’t have dreamt of only a decade ago – it has revolutionised the way we work and go about our daily lives. We have established that using modern capable tools as opposed to traditional file servers is the only way to guarantee that you are using the advancements in this ever-evolving technological landscape to their full potential – if done correctly it will not just improve the way your team work and boost productivity, but will also result in increased efficiency and, in turn, profit.

We also had a glance at SharePoint. Let’s have a more in-depth look at it now.


If SharePoint is used correctly it can revolutionise your work practices by allowing your team to work together, remotely, from anywhere.

The benefits of SharePoint

SharePoint promotes and allows you to achieve levels of collaboration which are unrivalled by any alternative on the market. For example, its ‘Co-authoring’ feature in Microsoft Teams (one of Microsoft’s latest and greatest collaboration, communication, and productivity promoting tools to date) allows multiple users to edit the same document simultaneously. Not only does this mean that, no matter where your team members are, they can still be involved in vital work on a team level, but also that the need for hundreds of versions of the same document is completely irradicated, thereby making for a smoother workflow.

Easy use for admin

SharePoint appeals to many due to the fact that you don’t have to be a tech genius to work it - it is surprisingly easy to manage and use. Administrators can easily access all of its operational features, and security settings and update privileges are accessible in one easy to navigate place.


Existing app integration

SharePoint seamlessly integrates with the rest of your business application and is designed to work in unison with your entire Microsoft Office Suite of tools in a complimentary way – these tools include Excel, Word, and Teams as well as a variety of other back-office systems. This integration allows for smooth workflows and easier understanding of the tools used by your team, partially due to their ease of use and partially because of their familiarity with the Microsoft Suite of tools.


Improved security

SharePoint comes as standard with features that reduce the risk of outages and unauthorised access. The safety of your data and cyber security remains at the top of its functionality, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the optimisation of other tools as it still allows you to use your data as you see fit, just in a secure way.

SharePoint places you in control of your security. You have full control over different settings that control shareability, storage, and auditing, ensuring that you remain compliant to your regulatory body’s regulations that your organisation is required to follow.


The streamlining of business processes

SharePoint allows you to organise the data from all over your organisation in one place. Having access to business intelligence portals in SharePoint will help your employees make better decisions based on revised consumer statistics and may – should they be trained to do so – even allow them to predict future fluctuations in the supply and demand of the business’ future.


Task management

SharePoint allows you to guarantee that your employees are producing a good standard of work every time. Once a user is finished with working on a certain file or document they can ‘send for review’ to another user, who will then read through and check the document to ensure that the quality is as high as possible. The other user will then sign off the document as complete, which will notify other relevant users of the change. This means guaranteed better quality work, and that your team don’t have to constantly email or message each other about work – they can simply rely on SharePoint to carry out automated processes and at the same time ensure that the work that leaves the office to make its way to clients is of the highest possible standard.


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