Veeam Backup

Datek has helped a client improve its backup strategy by implementing Veeam Backup & Replication.

Traditionally the client was backing up huge volumes of data once a night, which was often still left running at 8 am. This method of backup meant the business was at great risk of losing valuable data should there have been a failure during the day.

Datek were on hand to assist the client in improving their backup strategy with Veeam Backup & Replication.

This has enabled the client to backup more frequently and in half the time of required by their traditional method, allowing more frequent backups to take place during the day on live servers without impacting the business.

However, this client is not alone. We find that many businesses are still functioning in a very dated way when it comes to backup solutions, using tapes that are being replaced every day and running throughout the night.

This old-fashioned method of backup poses huge risks of data loss, with backups only taking place once every 24 hours with no strategy in mind.

Contact one of our IT experts today if you’re interested in re-aligning your backup strategy with the requirements of your business. 

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